- Recent Bug Fixes and Feature Releases

upgrade to EveryDollar Plus

You can upgrade to EveryDollar Plus on mobile by opening the EveryDollar iPhone or Android app and navigating to the menu.


  • Improved Fund details to make funds easier to understand.
  • Improvements to the homepage and blog article pages.
  • Back end updates, improvements, and getting ready for some cools stuff coming up.


  • Speed improvements to the Homepage and Blog.
  • Fixed progress bar turning red when spending available amounts in Fund categories.
  • Improved the process for entering voucher codes.
  • Fixed and improved back end frameworks and API's.
  • Android build 1.1.36 fixes issues with older Android versions.


  • A brand new Homepage for a brand new year!
  • Fixed a bug when users are signed out due to inactivity.
  • Now you can drag and drop budget Groups to sort them (browser only).
  • Improved the process for entering voucher codes.
  • Fixed a bug with the CVV code not showing up when signing up for a free trial for some budgeters.
  • Android build 1.1.35 improves stability in older versions.


  • Added a reset budget feature to the Mobile App! Starting over has never been easier!
  • Fixed a bug with the payment form not working for some users.
  • Working on some other cool things coming up!


  • Fixed a bug with highlighting the amount when adding a new transaction.
  • You can now drag transactions from one budget item to a different one!
  • Background updates and improvements for cool things coming up!


  • Adding improved logging and system updates.


  • 2.8.0 for iOS adds info to the transactions list for bank connection information.
  • Android build 1.1.33 fixes a few bugs and adds info to the transactions list for bank connection information.
  • If you're an Android app user and you haven't already, you now get a notification for remembering to track transactions!


  • Fixed issues with transactions duplicating after tracking them to a budget item.
  • Cleaned up some unused code getting dusty in the corner.
  • Backend updates and incremental improvements.


  • Everydollar on the browser improved switching from month to month.
  • Android 1.1.31 more bug fixes for specific phones causing the app to crash.
  • Thanks to all of our budgeters that watched our Money and Marriage livestream event!


  • Everydollar browser received fixes for the Money and Marriage Livestream.
  • iOS 2.7.16 includes bug fixes and additional improvements for the Money and Marriage Livestream.
  • Android 1.1.30 includes fixes to crashing issues and improvements for the Money and Marriage Livestream.
  • Various background improvements and clean up.


  • Everydollar browser received updates to the budget detail card styling.
  • iOS 2.7.12 includes updates and improvements for the Money and Marriage Livestream.
  • Various background improvements and clean up.


  • Everydollar browser received various bug fixes and back-end improvements.
  • Android 1.1.29 adds a widget to track your favorite budgets from your home screen.
  • iOS 2.7.11 includes many background bug fixes and stability improvements.


  • Everydollar browser received various bug fixes and back-end improvements.
  • Android 1.1.28 adds delete button to Budget details for easier deleting. Also fixes bugs and improvements.


  • Everydollar browser received bug fixes and back-end improvements.
  • Android 1.1.27 fixes and issue with the app loading as a blank screen.
  • iOS 2.7.10 adds a widget for favorite budget items, fixes a bug with saving transactions, and adds a trash can icon to the budget detail screen.


  • Added Money and Marriage Live Event section to web users.
  • Android 1.1.26 adds Money and Marriage Live Event section to the Main Menu, remembers the last budget page, and various bug fixes and updates.
  • iOS build 2.7.9 adds Money and Marriage Live Event section to the Main Menu, updates fund remaining values for more clarity.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed reordering groups through debt groups.
  • Android build 1.1.23 fixed bugs for tracking transactions, fixed remaining balance for funds, other improvements.
  • Styling updates and general performance improvements.


  • Fixed debt number not showing on the baby steps page.
  • iOS build 2.7.7 included logging improvement and general updates.
  • Other improvements and updates to browser code.


  • Fixed issues causing problems submitting help requests.
  • Fixed bank issues for duplicate transactions with Chase accounts.


  • Platform refinements and improvements.
  • Bank transaction improvements to filtering and fixing issues with duplicates.
  • iOS version 2.7.6 fixes zip code errors, moves merchant name to improve usability, bug fixes


  • Platform refinements and improvements.
  • Fixed bugs with item notes, issues with the create budget button.
  • Bank transaction improvements to filtering and fixing issues with duplicates.
  • iOS version 2.7.5 includes speed improvements and bug fixes.
  • Android 1.1.22 fixes crashing on first open and other improvements.


  • Platform updates and improvements.
  • Android 1.1.19 improves editing of planned amounts.


  • iOS version 2.7.4 logging updates and bug fixes.
  • Fixed a bug preventing users from finding Local Providers on mobile devices.
  • Android 1.1.18 fixes bugs with sign up errors and a bug with the Upgrade button.
  • Improved logging for bank transaction errors.


  • iOS version 2.7.3 back end updates and improvements.
  • Fixed a few bugs with the sorting debts feature for Plus users.
  • Android 1.1.16 Fixes system issues, includes back end improvements and updates.
  • Improved logging for bank transaction errors.


  • iOS version 2.7.2 fixes budget numbers rounding down, added back remaining to budget when editing a planned amount.
  • Fixed a few bugs with the sorting debts feature for Plus users.
  • Fixes to issues with pop ups when a user hasn't yet created their first budget.
  • Additional technical processes and computer-y things you don't care about too much.


  • Updated transaction naming rules to improve the names of some transactions.
  • Added some logging of stuff that's very technical in order to help solve some bank connection problems.


  • Fixed bugs for Internet Explorer users adding favorites.
  • Improved Sign Up form by removing the State field.
  • The customary mixed bag of improvements to things you don't care too much about, but would care if they were broken.


  • iOS v 2.7.0 brings your favorite budget items to the top of your list for easy tracking!
  • Android 1.1.14 fixes some bugs with bank connection errors.
  • The usual sundry list of improvements to things you don't care too much about, but would care if they broke.


  • Your favorite Budget Items now appear on Android, favorites on iOS are coming soon!
  • iOS App build 2.6.6 gets some updates to editing budget items, and some bug fixes.
  • A diverse group of bank connection updates and improvements.


  • Android 1.1.1 fixes help request issues to tech support.
  • Moved balance and payments sections of Funds and Debts to the front of detail cards.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicating Budget Items after editing groups.
  • Fixed a bug with sending help requests from Internet Explorer 11 and Edge browsers.
  • Various bank connection updates and improvements.


  • Fixed issues with splitting transactions.
  • Fixed sorting issues with newly created Budget Items.
  • Reduced the time needed to register at a bank.
  • Assorted back end and framework improvements.


  • Moved budget item notes to the front of the details card.
  • Fixed bugs for older transactions, issues with pending transactions, and the transaction list view.
  • Added a tool tip when making a budget item a favorite.
  • Miscellaneous back end and framework improvements.


  • Updates to Merchant name issues for Plus users.
  • Miscellaneous back end and framework improvements.


  • iOS v2.6.5 updates include a bug fix for bank support name field and better error handling on bank issues.
  • Android v1.1.9 updates include additional bank health messaging and framework improvements.
  • Fixed issues with printing for Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • Various back end and framework improvements.


  • Updates and improvements for back end bank connection improvements.
  • Updated process for connecting to banks.
  • Incremental transaction name improvements.


  • iOS update 2.6.4 adds 3D touch add transactions from the home screen, remembering which view you were looking at last (Planned/Spent/Remaining) and a few other improvements and bug fixes.
  • Android 1.1.7 fixes split transactions issue.
  • Fixed issues for some Plus users not being able to access their accounts.
  • Additional bank connection improvements.


  • iOS update 2.6.3 adds additional alerts if bank connections are not working.
  • Improved switching between Spent and Remaining amounts for browsers.
  • Fixed issues with display on wide screens and weird transaction drag and drop issues.
  • Various back end improvements.


  • Fixed problem with users getting signed out too much on Android devices.
  • Improved the process for choosing Budget Items when adding a new transaction.
  • Put tracked transactions on the front of the detail view and fixed transaction order issues.
  • Marking an item as favorite is moved to a gold star next to the name.
  • Fixed problems getting timeout errors when signing up for a free trial.
  • Various back end improvements and bug fixes.


  • iOS build 2.6.2 fixes some bugs and improves switching between budget and summary views.
  • Updates and bug fixes to notifications on web browsers.
  • Additional improvements for bank connection issues.


  • Fixed a bug with adding vouchers.
  • Fixed issues regarding SmartDollar user accounts.
  • Improvements for bank tracking bank connection issues.


  • An improved email verification process reduces issues for mobile device users.
  • Android build 1.1.4 fixes some bank registration problems, a bug for longer budget item names, and new budget items not showing up right away.
  • Updated styles and messaging for transactions and debts for browser users.


  • Plus users now see transactions from banks that are in a Pending status.
  • Updates to improve speed of bank transactions coming to user accounts.
  • Various other improvements and bug fixes.


  • A big update to the iOS App, including tracking and budget reminders, bank account syncing selection, and various improvements and bug fixes.
  • Updates to improve our bank connection services.
  • Various other improvements and maintenance upgrades.


  • Bug fixes for Android Users: fixed search for split transactions, fixed issues with deleted transactions, and fixes problems with drag and drop of transaction coins.
  • Plus users: Easily select which accounts should get transactions and which should not.
  • Fixes and improvements for signing up for free Plus trials.
  • Fixes and improvements to some bank connection problems.


  • Now sign up for Everydollar Plus on your Android phone!
  • Income transactions will show as blue on browsers, other transaction related fixes.
  • Fixes and improvements for bank connections.


  • New tools for Plus budgeters for sorting debts.
  • Better handling of bank connection errors on iOS.
  • UI improvements and bug fixes.
  • Fixes and improvements for bank connections.


  • Search by transaction name and amount to quickly find what you're looking for.
  • More bank related bug fixes and improvements.
  • Framework and platform updates and improvements. Also some bug fixes.


  • Updates and improvements to Bank Connected transaction names.
  • iOS App 2.3.0 released - bug fixes and bank connection improvements.
  • UI improvements and bug fixes.


  • iOS app 2.10 adds more support for the new bank connection service for Plus users.
  • Bank connection bug fixes and improvements.
  • Added the ability to load previous months untracked transactions.
  • Printing your budget looks good!
  • UI improvements and other bug fixes.


  • Updating to a new bank connection service.
  • New Android version supports drag and drop transactions.
  • UI improvements and bug fixes for browser budgeters.


  • Bug fixes for the Android App
  • A lot of bug fixes for our browser budgeters.
  • Drag and Drop multiple transactions all at once!
  • Add EveryDollar Plus from your iPhone!


  • EveryDollar Android App available in the Google Play store! 
  • iOS App version 1.6 adds easy viewing of bank account balances for Plus members.
  • UI improvements and bug fixes.


  • iOS App version 1.5 adds a new pie chart for tracking your Planned, Spent, and Remaining amounts. 
  • Improved usability for connecting bank accounts.
  • Fixed issues with editing payment information for Plus users.
  • Fixed a bug with editing starting balances in Funds and Debts categories.
  • Bug fixes with settings and main budget pages.


  • Improved deleting transactions. 
  • Fixes to budget creation issues.
  • Budget Notes are copied to the next budget automatically.
  • Fixed a bug with the remaining amount in the Monthly Summary.
  • Other bug fixes and speed improvements.


  • iOS App version 1.4, adding a new improved menu, settings, and change 
  • New version of the Every Dollar blog.
  • You can now sort budget groups!
  • Endorsed Local Providers for tax professionals now available.
  • Improvements for check numbers on transactions.
  • Other techy things to improve databases, speed, and whatnot!


  • iOS App version 1.31, including bug fixes, usability improvements, and a special surprise.
  • Fixed a bug with Internet Explorer and the monthly summary wheel.
  • Improved behind the scenes processes for transactions and bank institution connections.
  • Improvements for applying voucher codes from an email.


  • iOS App version 1.3 is here!
  • Version 1.3 adds a new transaction toolbar to the main budget screen. View all your transactions for the current month using the transaction icon located in the bottom right.
  • Also includes improved speed and reliability when syncing between two devices.


  • Celebrating all transactions are tracked!
  • Updates and improvements to the look of the detail cards and transaction drawer.
  • Clicking on a Budget Item will close the transaction drawer automatically.
  • Improved site speed and responsiveness.
  • Other behind-the-scenes improvements and fixes.


  • New Settings page with additional payment functionality.
  • Other behind-the-scenes improvements and fixes.


  • Transactions sorted by date in the detail cards.
  • Adding an Income transaction will default to an Income type.
  • Small bug fixes and cosmetic improvements.


  • Sign up directly from the App!
  • Monthly navigation.
  • Create a brand new budget.


  • Version 1.2 of the iPhone App is available, including sign up from the App.
  • Create unlimited budgets from the App, including previous months.
  • Various cosmetic tweaks and bug fixes in the browser version.


  • New version of the iPhone app.
  • Add, edit, and arrange Budget Items from the app.
  • Fixed sign-in issues and other general improvements.


  • Added notifications and times for syncing with bank accounts.
  • Fixed bugs with Fund amounts being incorrect.
  • Other bug fixes and back end updates you don't care about.


  • Made the month name "Sticky" at the top of the screen
  • Back end updates and bug fixes.


  • Changed "Log Out" to "Sign Out."
  • Changed "Edit Transaction" to "Save Changes."
  • Bug fixes for calendar issues.
  • New background images on the sign-in page, depending on the time of day.
  • Other various back end improvements and bug fixes.


  • New navigation of budget months.
  • Added Reference Calendar.
  • Fixed spelling errors in local provider results.


  • Fixed close button not working on delete items.
  • Fixed transaction dates issues.
  • Fixed issues with multi-factor authentication for bank accounts.
  • Fixed issues with viewing items on the lower right side of the screen.
  • Fixed links to Baby Step articles for Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed issues with zooming in on Chrome browsers.


  • Log out and Settings are easier to find.
  • Updates to help link when signing in.


  • Deleted transactions can be restored.


  • iPhone app - fixed issues with budget not loading error.
  • Fixed issues with Safari keychain and auto-fill on sign-in.
  • Updates to voucher code redemption process.


  • Plus members can now update their billing info on the Settings page.
  • Fixed scrolling issues on Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed printing issues on Internet Explorer.
  • Improved detail cards for Internet Explorer.


  • Plus members bank search by url and name.
  • Merchant name auto-filled when adding a manual transaction to a budget item.


-  A new Release of the iPhone app, including:

  • iPhone app - Edit budget amounts and names in the details view.
  • iPhone app - Planned, Spent, and Remaining amounts.
  • iPhone app - Improvements to Funds.
  • iPhone app - Touch ID and passcode support.
  • iPhone app - Other bug fixes and error reporting improvements.

03/31/2015 - 04/06/2015

  • Added password requirements messaging on the change passwords page. (04/03)
  • Fixed issue with updating Baby Step 3 on the Baby Steps page. (04/03)
  • Added the ability to update bank credentials (04/03)
  • Added support for Canadian users (04/02)
  • Fixed issues with Calendar Dates.
  • Fixed Sorting issues for Internet Explorer.
  • Added AA, AP, and AE to the listed states.
  • Put cool password messaging on the reset password page.

03/23/2015 - 03/30/2015

  • Fixed issues with transactions getting combined.
  • Fixed problems with typing income item names.
  • Solved an issue with the baby steps page Emergency Funds amounts.
  • Fixed issues with pages scrolling.
  • Improved speed of moving transactions back when deleting an item.
  • Fixes for autofill email issues on the sign up page.