- Top Banks and Outage Status

As part of your EveryDollar Plus membership, you can connect your bank to your budget. This allows transactions and bank account balances to show up in EveryDollar. Occasionally banks experience temporary outages making it difficult for EveryDollar Plus budgeters to connect their banks or to continue to receive their transactions and most up to date account balances. These outages are typically resolved within 3-5 business days by the bank. So please try again within that time frame. For your awareness EveryDollar provides a list of the most popular banks among EveryDollar budgeters and any relevant outages currently being addressed. Please see below for the list.

Bank Outage Status

Bank of America (Intermittent Outage)

Wells Fargo

Chase Bank

TD Bank


US Bank (Recently Fixed)

Discover Card

Capital One

PNC Bank

Navy Federal Credit Union

Capital One 


Fifth Third Bank (Intermittent Outage)

Ally Financial

BB&T Corp.

Regions Bank (Intermittent Outage)


State Employees Credit Union (NC)

Schools First FCU

Barclay Card

Huntington Bank

Southwest Airlines Credit Card

M&T Bank

Boeing ECU

Lake Michigan Credit Union


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