- Why Does my Burrito Look Like an Airline?

EveryDollar Plus users get the benefit of having EveryDollar download transactions from their financial institutions. As we pull in the transactions, EveryDollar interprets the abbreviated and sometimes cryptic merchant name and tries to convert that to something more intelligent. Sometimes the merchant name gets translated incorrectly. The one we see most often is when Moe's Southwest Grill (they make burritos) comes through as a charge from Southwest Airlines (they fly you across the country and serve peanuts, not burritos). So if you happen to see a weird transaction show up in EveryDollar, don't worry, it's probably just a burrito trying to pretend it's an airline.

The important thing is to match the transaction amount and date with a known purchase. Then you can just manually correct the merchant name.

We are working to improve the way the algorithm runs and the merchant name is displayed, but you may see this again from time to time. We are sorry for any inconvenience and hope you enjoy your flight.